No Beer In Heaven (2014)

No Beer In Heaven

1 Get Me A Beer!

Get Me A Beer!

We come from afar in search of beer
We’re only here to drink.
If you’re down with the kult then gather around,
And lift another mug.
They tell you how to live,
Yet never see the sun.
And the seas have not quite risen
So Raise another round!

DON’T BE A…Hoi, hoi, hoi!

So you met a lass with a nice, firm ass-
A pity if she’s boring.
The second she comes with a round in hand
Up it goes again!
We welcome you to join us-
You’re drinking with the best!
Gather around everybody at once
And Raise another round!

So you came to see the show,
But Protokult are drunks!
If you offer a round and pass it around,
Then they’ll be your friends
Forgive me if I drink,
This world can bring you down.
One more chance to get in her pants
Raise another round!
Drink beer!

2. Heaven Cast Me Out

Heaven Cast Me Out

Over the ancient horizon
I have seen the light.
Don’t need a bible to tell me
What is wrong or right.

Upon that final arrival,
Far away from hell,
Before the heavenly entrance
This I shall say,

“We suffer, we die….
All but for a glimmer of hope in the sky
Live free, let be and carry on.”

Once I held the key to the gate, but
Heaven Cast Me Out.
For the love of Heathen Gods,
Heaven Cast Me Out.

I can hear them now,
On every major corner-
Are they spreading the word?
Or merely keeping the order?

Let’s take a walk in the darkness,
We’ll leave the world behind.
And if we lose our light,
We’ll see what we can find.

3. My Father’s Word

My Father’s Word

Wise and kind were the words
That my father’d spoken.
Of this ancient bond,
That should ne’er be broken.
“We can never return to this land of ours,
You must hold on to ties that ever bound us!
Take my sword and lead on-truth shall be thy guide!
For the truth is the light that we bear inside.
This foreign land will know your last hours;
Don’t forget of your past, and your great forefathers!”

Gather all ye hordes, there’s something in the air.
March we on through time since lads we have prepared.
So fill the horn with water, the kind that only burns,
And listen to thy father’s word and they get what they deserve.


Your light – shines in me!
Your light – I’ll bear in me!
… By Father’s Word

I remember the power of the words he hath proclaimed,
“Life is something sacred boy, not an easy game”
Over misty mountains, over fields and seas,
Over all the people, we never wished to be.

And I know, your honour and pride are eternal-
They’ll lead through the march of time years to come,
While we are just passing this brief mortal realm.

By Father’s Word.

4. Flight of The Winged Hussar

Flight of The Winged Hussar

Like a flash of light shooting down from the skies,
The Golden Age flourished of steel-winged knights.
Bringing the victories home to their kings.
Arise on the wings of steel we charge! Kill!
We penetrate into the fire.

The name of a hero-untouched by the dirt, Wings of steel resound,
By the filth that he’d gather through plunders on earth. Beat eternally.
Killing his kin in the name of God. Lest we not forget our foes!
The name of the hero is honoured with pride
By legends and stories and art of the scribes,
And worshiped forever on.
Arise ye Ancient warrior, Hail! Kill!
And penetrate into the fire.

“We are the knights who defend riding out into the sky!”
“You’re also conquerors.”
“We must all spread our wings, some of us willing to die.”
“Power demands sacrifice.”
“Together we fight ahead!”

Great is the day when they’re honouring, praising thee,
Welcoming heroes home.
But somewhere else, on the land you’ve stepped, and slaughtered other kind-
They’re cleaning the blood drawn by your sword.

The siege of Vienna 1683, Muslims’ Mohammed retreat.
Turks and Swedes slaughtered in heaps, Hussarian Cavalry soars.
The thundering hooves with spears in hands,
The mountains now tremble with awe.

5. Soul Intention

Soul Intention

In the darkness,
There it hides.
Like the heat in the summer night.
What’s the lesson I’ve to learn?
Lead me to where your river flows.

What’s the reason I’m alive?
When I should have died long ago.
My soul intention is to provide,
And put all my love in you.

Find you
Hate you

Of this fire
I am King
Feed the heat of a mother’s wing.
In matrimony, he’s your man-
But the lust does not compare.

I know she’ll be there, on the mountain.
Like a vulture on its prey,
Closing in and never let it go.

6. Edge of Time

Edge of Time

Fire burns in our hearts.
We swore to protect and to guard the memories
of our once native lands, and the truth
that was hidden beneath the lore of Christ.

Are there no heroes anymore?
What will you do, goddamn,
when the enemy is right at your door?

Rise up! It’s time to claim our legacy!
We will defend!
Enter; beneath remains our Sanctuary.
Until the end!
Fighting on the edge of time.

At the edge of time,
In the past so distant,
Our search for wisdom
Shall awaken the gods.
You’re never alone. Never alone.

The enemy insists theirs is the way.
For honor and memory, we defend

7. Sanctuaries
8. Desert Scourge

Desert Scourge

As my vision wanes
A mirage unfolds,
A perfect dream of reality.

World set ablaze:
An oasis nevermore,
Enslaved and paralyzed.

All I ever hoped, was never there,
A foolish boy roaming in the heat.
She can take control, ensorcelled in her lust
For she desires and longs for your slavery

In the desert scourge
She can drain thine soul
Thine judgment is obscured,
Melting away.

My honor, conscience, love:
Venomous, blinding passion

A gathering of woe,
Come gather all ye woe
Your solitude, your lust, you’re emptiness
Inside- embodied.

9. Gorale


Hey ze Hej ze hej Goralu
Jak sie tu znalos?
Hey ze hey ze hey Goralu
…prosto az do chmur!

Swiat sie rozwija w ciemnosc
A my sobie tu

Hey ze hej Goralu
A spinac zlawo!
Baw my sie hej as do rana
Moja dziewuszka juz pijana

The world descends into dark
Yet we shall remain

So far away
Into the distant sky
So far away from home

10. Summer’s Ode

Summer’s Ode

Now that summer’s gone
Never the less, we hold on.
Do you ever wonder where does it go?
When the warmth dies out
In my soul

Will the breeze ever return?
And wash away the summer rain?
And once again I slip, I’m losing my mind,
But harder and harder I fall each time.

I don’t know what I’ve been told!
One thing I never knew was blame.

Once again out on my own,
I don’t know what’s going on.
And once again I slip, I’m losing my mind,
But harder and harder I fall each time.

If you fall…I’ll be the one
Far down below…with open arms
And time again I reminisce.
I must accept it’s come to this.
Summer’s gone-I know.

11. Razbival Okovi Perun
(Perun Has Shattered The Shackles)

Razbival Okovi Perun

Prolivalasya zhivaya voda
Omivala Mat’-Siruu-Zemlu
Oi da ti zhivaya voda,
Izlechi ti v serdce ranu moyu
Da moyu hmelnu golovu

Разбивал Оковы Перун

Проливалася живая вода
Омывала Мать-Сырую-Землю
Ой да ты живая вода
Излечи ты в сердце рану мою
Да мою хмельну голову

12. Water of Life

Water of Life

This well of human woe is full once again,
We Slavs who keep the water,
Hej la ho!
Alas yet now I see, this grand hospitality,
I feel at home.

The evening’s filled with thrill!
We Slavs are standing, still…
Hey Celts come along and join the song!
Hei la ho!
When you feel free at last,
Then grab that charming lass!
And dance till dawn!

When the sun goes down
The Kult’s in town. Drink!
Take one down, feel the fire burn.
Slavs and Celts are gathering now as one-
We drink the water of life

My vision is blurred, yet I’m in control.
Bros sisters everybody at once
Hej la ho
When the river’s running dry,
And it’s much too cold to cry,
The way out is indulge.

If you’re ready for chaos
Feed the spirit within.
Can you handle another?
Is it starting to burn? VODKA!

Bracie siostry do baru
Nasza woda ziemi
Plynie prosto do serca
Glowa ginie do chmur

Nasza ciepla uroda, slava i boju
Nasze serca potrafia wykonac te czasy
Od dawnych wiekow, lekarstwo i sila
We drink the water of life

Hej Slowianie! Naszy Cud

Maybe I was more animal than man
Drinking more than the dragon of Wawel
For the power of history
We drink the water of life


Marzena (2011)

Marzena1 Marzena


Feel the warming of the air
Life in bloom now everywhere
Song of blackbirds, river flows
Hail Marzena ho!
Greens erupting from the Earth
Weeping willow don’t cry
Graze the grass and sing a round
Hey Marzena ho!

Down into the river onward
Hey Marzena hey la ho,
Spring is here, down ye go
Drop ye down in flames
Hej Marzena hey la ho…
Spring is here, down ye go
Zima gasnie juz, (The winter has gone)
Spiewaj wiosenna duszo nam! (Sing to us, the spring spirit!)

March we onwards to thy grave
Return back what nature gave!
The winter was oh long and cold
Hey Marzena ho!
Flames of torches dancing here
Straw and cloth rags burn
Mother Earth awakening
Hey Marzena ho!

kak solntse vyydet izza tuch (As the sun will come through clouds)
spoyet razdol’nyy veter (And the free wind will sing)
i probuzhdeniya vesny (Then, the awakening of spring)
narod slovyanskiy vstretit (The Slavic people will greet)

Moja malenka, zegnam (My precious one, farewell)
Ginesz powoli do Nawi (You fade to the spirit realm)
Moja malenka, bogoslawiemy cie (My precious one, we bless you)
Moja Marzena… (My Marzena, Marzena ho…)

2 Northern Soul

Northern Soul

Flesh forsaken, spirit lord
Onward ye soar towards the hall
A terrible silence, cloaked the world
The kind you only get up here

That morning you awoke, the northern flame was strong
Ending of an era you encompassed in song
Journey to the end of the world as you knew

Here in the mountains high above the fields
Essence of thy spirit we embark upon our shields
Far from the world in the Father’s mighty hall

Hail to the ones who have paved the path
We Hail as you took the fall
Hailed be the heroes now frozen in time

Long though the night, we carry on
Free northern winds resound forever
Hail to the Northerner kings of the light who fell in snow Hail to the kings who fell in snow
Long live and be heard, Great Northern Soul!

As it once was fought in 1184
Engraved across the ages be thy name in Sogna stone
Echoes are emitted all across the globe, Valfar
Here in Valhalla high above the world
Warrior seeks solace in the thunder of the Gods
No tragic tales of sorrow shall the children ever hear, but

You’ll remain forever
In all of those faithful hearts,
who have followed your song

3 Night Feast

Night Feast

Deep in the forest
At the heart of the wood
Brother you have to move on

Stare in the fire
And raise we a round
Hail victory!


A darkened divergence…away from the flame
Yet burning brighter with lust
Only the oaks witness our thoughts
The laughter fades away…

Dark divergence; away from the fire.
She leads me into the night.
Golden starlight above…
And these secrets will stay with us.

And whether she leaves
Or whether she stays
I fear the day is to blame
And after tonight if our paths never cross
She’ll bear the key to my heart.

4 The Kolovrat Turns

The Kolovrat Turns

This one goes to the scum of web boards
Faceless souls in the funderground
Good for nothing, garbage spewing slugs who spew irrational thought

Scamming thieves and drama queens
Hidden behind the screens
They say what we preach is a modern offense

Despite of it all
We still have not quite heard
What you say!

In the heat of it all
We are still standing tall
Won’t bring us down
For our pagan tribes
blood has survived
And Life goes on…The Sun shall rise

The Kolovrat turns…
Through the ashes past

Petty fools accusing us
That our views strike infectious
Smoking pot in your mother’s basement
Stroking yourself the only defense
Liberal hippy politics
Virtual wars they wage
They say natural law is wrong

Take this pagan blood
Drips from above
Can’t get enough

5. Green Light (Lament)

Green Light (Lament)

A world is abandoning
This morn cold and grey
Without further reason, Farewell
Green light calling thy name
This earthly abode
Was it ever meant to be, who care

Abandon the world for you
Witness the fall of man

Enslaved to thy merriment since leaving the womb
Now freed from these mortal chains, my friend
These black sun horizons
Stretch to the core
Surrounding with natural allure

Wintry landscapes
Shall resound thy grandeur
Here’s to a warrior
Here’s to you…
In the darkness how they weep,
Now the purpose, crystal clear
Rain shall wash away
Witness the light, ave

6. Haunted Dream

Ancestral Anthems (2010)

Ancestral Anthems1 Awakening
2 Pagan War
3 Into the Freezing Storm
4 Raping the Religious Hordes
5. No Remorse
6. Preludia dla Polski
7. Krak and the Dragon of Wawel Hill
8. When the Smoke has Cleared
9. Pissing Upon Thy Grave
10. The Serpent Voyage