Martin Drozd
 Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Ethnicity: Polish-German
From: Wroclaw, Poland
Influences: Bathory, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode, Nokturnal Mortum, Helloween,
Summoning, Sodom, Type O Negative
Hobbies: Binge drinking, causing ruckus with my hood rats, trolling, going to the dentist, influencing people, hiking, tennis, snowboarding, reading.
Favorite Protokult song: Water Of Life
Favorite drink: Slavonic VODKA, neat and ice cold

Instrument: Voice, recorders, keyboards and traditional instruments
Ethnicity: Russian
From: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Influences: Slavic traditional singing & various folk music, Opeth, Liv Kristine (ex Theatre of Tragedy, Leaves Eyes), Type O Negative, Hagalaz Runedance , Tristania, Alcest, My dying Bride, Artrosis…
Other active/previous projects: Meden Glas (music from the Balkans and beyond), The Collide Project
Hobbies: studying about music of world cultures, camping, instrument collecting, dance, drama, drinking
Favorite Protokult song: My Father’s Word
Favorite Drink: Beer

David Slowiak
Instrument: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ethnicity: Polish
From: Rybnik, Poland
Influences: Skinny Puppy, Iron Maiden, Emperor, Arkona, Cradle of Filth
Hobbies: Video games, tennis, skiing, watching my favorite sports teams lose
Favorite Protokult song: Sol Intention
Favorite drink: Red wine

Name/Alias: Jack Neila jack
Instrument: Rhythm Guitar
Ethnicity: Czech-Canadian
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Influences: Behemoth, Converge, Incantation, Demilich.
Hobbies: Procrastination, fornication, and a fuck-load of pizza.
Favorite Protokult song: Desert Scourge
Favorite drink: Water

Name/Alias: Kaveh Afshar

Instrument: Drums, Percussion thumbnail_kav-hardluckbar2015
Ethnicity: Persian
From: Tehran, Iran
Influences: Deicide, Demilich, Bathory, Burzum, Dead Can Dance, Tangerine Dream, Faust, Philip Glass, Steve Reich
Hobbies: Reading history and sci-fi, Movies, Hiking, MMA, Painting
Other active/previous projects: Into Oblivion, Symbionic, Shoor
Favorite Protokult song: Flight of the Winged Hussar
Favorite drink: Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve Whiskey