Protokult Acoustic at The Barbarian Kegger


Protokult will be performing the very first live acoustic set at the The Barbarian Kegger, which is a fundraiser for the Northern Ontario Permaculture Enthusiast Society. Martin Drozd comments on the band’s upcoming plans for the live acoustic sets:


“After disrupting a few house parties and bonfires, we’ve come to the conclusion that plenty of the Protokult material works acoustically. As a result, we’ve decided to perform a few select acoustic shows this fall/winter. That’s right folks, no distortion to mask our fuck-ups, no hauling of gear and plenty more beer! What you will witness is the Kult in their raw, stripped down, purest form “blushes”….suddenly, we feel rather exposed. Minimal. Festive. Drunk and dark. Stay posted for dates and expect some classic renditions of previously released songs, some new ones and even the odd wacky, traditional retro covers!”   -Martin Drozd




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